Saturday, April 11, 2009


For a few months now I have been reading other blogs and have very much enjoyed myself - somehow even feeling as if I am getting to hear the voices of people who regularly contribute to the blogs I read ( dovergreyreader, justine picardie, stella duffy, simon savidge etc amongst others). So, I decided to try this for myself. Give me time and I will be up and running and look forward to meeting people with similar interests to me (reading, stitching, collecting old photos and history ;-)


  1. Just found this from DGR's Easter Sunday blog. We seem to have a lot of similar interests, judging by your profile.
    Good luck and best wishes from sunny Yorkshire.

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. Happy Easter.

  3. Welcome to the world of Blogging Kim... its addictive! Happy Easter.

  4. Dee, thank you. I am having a lot of fun trying to navigate through the world of blogging. So much to do and so few brain cells! Is it really sunny in Yorkshire this Easter? It is sunny here in Hong Kong, but, oh how I miss England in the spring! Happy Easter.
    zetor Thank you and Happy Easter to you too! It is fun trying to figure all this out and I am so pleased to find people who have so many similar interests to me - especially in the world of reading.
    Simon, Happy Easter and thank you for the welcome note. You are so right, I'd say blogging is more addictive but somewhat healthier than opium, but then, I have only just begun!! I have put you on my blog list so will be in touch. With so much to do I have not even opened that book on top of the tbr pile - What to do!

  5. Wow, a great bit warm welcome to the blog world Kim and how lovely to get some views of life on the opposite side of the world.
    Isn't this the most amazing way of talking to like-minded people, I have made so many friends at dgr scribbles, blog writers and readers are the loveliest crowd.
    I have had Justine's book 3/4 finished on my bedside table for weeks and must finish it soon.
    Looking forward to reading stillreading!

  6. wow Kim great to read your new blog. was only going to quickly check my emails then head out to garden to make the most of this Easter sun we are lucky to be having but still here ages later now!
    Pleased you felt so touched by Justines book. its certainly an emotional read. By looking at your book list you have certainly been turning pages! Im reading Gordon Ramsays autobio at the moment. Iv also just started knitting again! Having treated myself to the Lets Knit mag Im knitting the jumper on the front page for myself! have you seen the website? iv joined up tho really I could do with a similar one for cross stitch as I have more xst project to catalogue than knitting ones!Is there one for cross stitch does anyone know?
    Did you realise Kim this time last yr we were with you in HK?! Andy keeps giving me a day to day itinerary of what we were up2!
    Anyway will try to catch some sun now!
    Happy Easter and Happy Blogging
    Love you sis xx

  7. Dovegreayreader thank you for the welcome. I've been enjoying your blog for so long, I feel as if we are old friends. It is really lovely to be able to chat with you, at last. It does seem that blogging is a great way to meet nice people with similar interests and also to get different perspectives and insights, too. I love the photo essays you post on your blog, so much so that you inspired me to start my own blog, thank you, I know it is going to be a hoot!
    I'll be in touch.

  8. Angela, I was only thinking on Sunday that this time last year we were heading to The Big Buddha, (well maybe not on the actual day but, there or there about) and it seems like no time ago at all.
    Glad to hear you are knitting again. Send me a photo of the jumper when it's finished. You always knitted such lovely things, particularly when the children were younger - me too, I remember. How did we fit everything in??

    Try this website for free cross stitch patterns
    Initially, as a member of the club you will receive credit points, (about 50, I seem to recall and a pattern costs 10 points to download). When all the points have been used you have a couple of options; either subscribe to the site for a fee which allows you to make unlimited downloads for the subscription period, or, alternatively as a member of the site you will automatically receive and email each week which offers you five free patterns to download (of their choice, not yours) and that is free. I've collected some lovely patterns. I'll send you some so tell me which projects you want to work on next and I'll see what I have.

    Thanks for the recommendation of Justine Picardie's book. It was hard to read some of it through the tears but it was so uplifting at the same time. I really did feel better afterwards.
    You are a star sis! I love youxx

  9. Hi Kim
    Thanks for the site tip but its not patterns im after (still lots in the pipeline)- the ravelry site allows you to put on your completed projects as well as catalogue projects you have still to do. its like an on line craft cupboard. Re knitting if you look up the website and click on the latest magazine it goes to a page showing previous issues - the jumper im doing is stripey with heading 21 patterns.
    Nervous about Porto game 2mo!
    Bye4now xxxxx

  10. Hello! I didn't realise you were so new to blogging - your site looks so good! Congratulations, and I look forward to reading a few book reviews!

  11. I've recently found your blog, and have enjoyed both your book reviews and your insights into life in Honk Kong. (I'm planning to travel to China next year).