Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter in Hong Kong - from Justine Picardie to Stella Duffy with a blog or two and a picnic in between

So now I have discovered blogging the Easter holiday has been filled with writing profiles, searching photos and travelling to visit fellow bloggers with similar interests. Poor Stella Duffy's The Room of Lost Things is moaning quietly from the top of my TBR pile just waiting to be opened - "I'm on my way" I cry, guiltily and then get waylaid once again - not least of all to write this post!!

You will be proud of me when I tell you that I did finish Justine Picardie's If The Spirit Moves You on Friday. It was a real honour to have been able to share the journey of loss with her - she is so brave to have committed to the page the agony she felt after the death of her sister (and best friend) who succumbed to breast cancer at the age of 33. For anyone who has lost someone close to them this book is an absolute must read - it is a true gem and so helpful for those who are grieving. I didn't think I would make it through to be honest having recently lost my dad but I did and it confirmed so many things for me that we just do not talk about every day. Thank you Justine for being so candid and I am so relieved that someone else did all those things and had all those thoughts too.

What a great way to spend a holiday, reading and blogging, however, I did drag myself out to the beach on Saturday for a picnic with greybeard, though. It was quite lovely and helped blow away that pale look I was sporting having been for far too long in front of a computer screen.

This young chap was just too cute for me to miss the photo op! He and his mum were our neighbours whilst we picnicked and he took forever to get into just the right pose for his mum's photo.
And so to today, the last day of the holiday, what will it be - more blogging, another picnic or Stella's book??? I'll let you know tomorrow. Kx


  1. I remember sitting on that bench!!!

  2. Hi Kim
    Thanks for creating this blog, I look forward to being inspired by your comments and advise.
    I am on holiday this week and feel like my life revolves around work so I am determined to spend much of my week reading and finish Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and have a good bash at starting and finishing If the Spirit Moves You by Justine Picardie (after your recommendation I tracked it down on Amazon).
    I love you big sis.
    Phamph xxx

  3. Hi Angela, it seems like only yesterday that you guys were here and it's a year ago!! I know it's a cliche but it seems that time is roaring past at break neck speed these days! Have got some more Hong Kong pics which I will post as we go along.
    Phamph, enjoy your week off. Actually "If The Spirit Moves You" was Angela's recommendation to me, ages ago and I really struggled to get a copy of it here in Honkers - when I did finally get one I read the book in a single day, it is amazing! So thanks Angela for the recommendation and thanks to Justine for sharing the experience.
    Enjoy Eat, Pray, Love, it's great. Kx

  4. Hi Kim, thank you for letting me know about this blog I have found it fun and interesting reading your posts. I will endeavour to keep reading as I feel I will be able to get to know you better which I would love to do. You mention this book "If The Spirit Moves You" and it sounds like something I would like to read too, so am going to look out for it. Although I always feel bogged down with uni stuff at the minute!
    Take care,
    With love, Sue xxx