Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day One ..... And to the Waterfall.........

So here we are with mum-in-law, taking photos of the beach on the first leg of our walk.........

And then, we are looking for villages......Which way to go??

Of course, there are always signs to point us in the right direction? Oh, hum, which way?

So, let us dally for a while in the local temple until we decide.........
Good job I knew the way, so, we made it to the waterfall.....eventually!
And then Greybeard arrived on the ferry to meet us in the evening.

See you tomorrow. Missing my reading, but, lovely to have time with the family.


  1. great photos Kim. You are a great tourist guide. We shall have to see this waterfall next time we come but no doubt you will have started a new list of attractions by then. Keep up the good work.Highlight of our day is Lucy dragging us to see Hannah Montana film later!! xx

  2. Have a good weekend and enjoy the film! We are off to Cheung Sha today for sunday lunch on the beach - more photos, promise. Will catch up with the rest of the snaps later. Take care and I'll keep working on the tourist attraction list so we have lots of new places to go during your next visit :D