Saturday, February 28, 2015

Making Marion - Beth Moran

Making Marion is the story of Marion who, when we first meet her, has just arrived at a campsite near Sherwood Forest to ask for directions.

Marion has spent most of her life wondering about her father who she never met. The only clue she has is from a photo of him as a young man, dressed up as Robin Hood, posing in front of a great big tree in Sherwood Forest. So when Marion has yet another altercation with her mother, who only has negative things to say about her father, she decides to get away and head to Sherwood Forest, determined to find out more about her father.

As it turns out, she ends up working at the campsite and during this time, she finds out a lot more about herself than she ever realised. As the story of her father's past unfolds, she really comes into her own and for the first time, begins to know who she is and where she is heading in her life.

This book is really enjoyable. I loved the idea of a place where many disenfranchised people are employed by the wonderful Scarlett, owner and manager of Peace and Pigs Campsite. I am sure there is a potential series of tales about this place and the amazing Scarlett.

If you want a cosy read filled with likeable characters and a hint of mystery, this is the book for you.