Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Truth Stranger Than Fiction - Chris Orcutt

What if there was a way to produce enough electricity for the whole world for the next 10,000 years without the need to produce toxic radioactive by-products and carbon dioxide (as is the case with fossil fuels used in nuclear fission)? This possibility is right at the heart of this mystery and when the secret is about to be published, a lot of people find themselves with a lot to lose and will do anything to keep the truth from being told.

This book is totally brilliant, humourous, witty and about a really interesting topic. It is the third book in The Dakota Stevens Mysteries Series. The characters are really likeable and I think I am a little bit in love with Dakota Stevens now! It is a fast paced story which unfolds to reveal a truth which is, in fact, not of science fiction but a proven fact. That in itself lead me to ask the question, why is this possibility not being taken as seriously as perhaps it should be?

Although this is the third book, the fact that I had not read the other two previously did not really detract from the story but I got the sense that it would have been slightly more interesting if I had read them first and understood the relationship between Dakota and his beautiful assistant, Svetlana Krush, a little better. However, it was still a great story and the characters came to life really quickly.
The other two Dakota Stevens books are now on my watch list and they will be winging their way to me very soon. I can't wait to read them!

If you like a good mystery filled with intrigue and enjoy tracking down the truth along with the characters in a story, then this is the book for you.



  1. Ooh this sounds really interesting, great review!

  2. It's a fabulous read, Dot and I am now looking out for the previous two books in the series. Dakota Stevens is a cutie!!

  3. Thank you for your wonderful review, Kim. I'm so glad you enjoyed the third book in the series.